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Capra Mediation & Law can save you time and money by helping you settle your issues out of the courtroom.
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Probate Mediation | Capra Mediation & Law | Phoenix, AZ | 6023851745
While family mediation is not meant to save your marriage, it can certainly save you time, money and emotional distress. See Ms. Capra to set up your first free consultation today.
Family Mediation
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Probate Mediation
Family Law | Capra Mediation & Law | Phoenix, AZ | 6023851745
For further information on setting up your free initial family law consultation, please visit our office today. You may also reach the office by e-mail to receive a response within 24 hours.
Family Law

Family, Mental Health, Elder, and Probate Matters
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Family Mediation

Probate Mediation


Family Law


Family Mediation

Probate Mediation | Capra Mediation & Law | Phoenix, AZ | 6023851745

One of the most common areas of practice at Capra Mediation & Law is family mediation. Shari M. Capra, Esq. has worked with thousands ..

Probate Mediation

Probate Mediation | Capra Mediation & Law | Phoenix, AZ | 6023851745

When a loved one passes away, a perfect storm of emotions can arise. When the family enters the probate process to deal with the many legal issues that arise ...

Family Law

Family Law | Capra Mediation & Law | Phoenix, AZ | 6023851745

Choosing the right family law attorney is crucial in having your case handled properly and fairly at all times. When you work with Capra Mediation ...

Capra Mediation & Law can assist you on any schedule with appointments in person, by phone or by e-mail.

Welcome to Capra Mediation & Law

Capra Mediation & Law is headed by Shari M. Capra, Esq., who helps parties in matters of many types through successful mediation of claims. Through her professional methods, she helps clients resolve their family and probate matters without having to go through the court process whenever possible. She has over 30 years of solid professional experience in many matters:

• Family Law / Divorce / Marital Mediation
• Mental Health Law
• Probate Law
• Elderly Citizens Law
• Business Law
• Special Education

Shari M. Capra, Esq., also serves as mediator for clients who are in currently in mediation. Divorce cases are most commonly assisted by the firm, especially in matters where shared parenting arrangements need to be made that will see to the child's best interest while keeping both parents' abilities in mind. Mediation also serves business partners who need to regroup and work out their business goals and methods.

For those who need assistance in finding qualified long-term care for elderly, physically or mentally challenged people, Ms. Capra can assist in a number of ways. This is also true for those needing to put together an end of life care plan or needing assistance with estate planning. Appointments can be made in the office, or for those who have difficult schedules to work around business hours, meetings can be held by phone or even by e-mail. Ms. Capra is always available to those who need her services.

If you are in the Phoenix, AZ area and need mediation or legal assistance, please contact the firm and you will be able to set up a free initial consultation. Ms. Capra will review your case or situation with you and determine how her services can best assist you. Capra Mediation & Law: Helping Families and Individuals To Create Their Own Solutions.

Capra Mediation & Law

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